How to get 1000 YouTube Subscribers Faster

If you have not created a YouTube channel yet, you may be missing one of the most powerful platforms for growing as an influencer. According to YouTube Brandcast 2018, 225 million Indians per month are actively using this platform. All over the world, YouTube sees about 1 billion unique visitors each month. YouTube with such a huge foundation is one of the best ways to increase your brand recognition and become popular as influencers and bloggers. However, simply creating a channel cannot be one of the top YouTubers in India. Many of the first YouTubers feel that it is difficult to increase their subscriber list by putting their feet in the door. One of the most important milestones for the new YouTuber is to win the first 1000 subscribers. The hardest part of growing your products and businesses can often be the first part. How do you get the first 1000 youtube subscribers? How do you proceed from 0 to 1000?

1. Create a Great Video Content

Before trying to win more youtube subscribers, you first need to inform people about the reasons for subscribing to your channel. Your channel should focus on a clear content rather than just an accidental collection of videos about random topics. Know exactly what direction you want the channel to turn and stick to it. In general, videos that are useful and fun in equal parts will show you the best performance on YouTube. In India, 90% of the video displayed is displayed in the local language, so you should consider using multilingual content in the video strategy. Creating scripts before shooting videos can help to improve the clarity of your content. If you have an existing blog, you can also convert blog posts to videos. When viewers have a clear idea of ​​what your channel is offering, they will have bigger reasons to be your youtube subscribers.

2. Post Videos after every 3 Days

Regarding the frequency with which you upload your videos, Youtube subscribers like predictability and regularity. Please clarify what the new video schedule is from the beginning. You also need to specify the number of days to upload new videos so that viewers can predict. Weekly videos are usually most effective, but depending on the subject you can upload new videos every 3 Days. However, if it is confirmed that you do not post videos on a regular basis, youtube subscribers might think it is useless to subscribe to your channel. So please do not fall below twice a Week. As viewers may not like the unpredictability of your strategy you should also resist the temptation to upload new videos that go away from your configured schedule.

3. Tell Your Friends and Colleagues about it

People who are new to YouTube expect too much. They think they will create a content and people will show up instantly. If you do not tell about what you are doing, how will people know about it? You have to invite people to your channel and ask them to Like and subscribe to your channel and be your Youtube subscribers. Send people personal emails or messages telling them exactly what you’ve created. You are probably connected to at least 100 people, you can reach out to them. Avoid spamming their inboxes again and again. However, please be sure to tell them about what you are working on.

4. Ask your Friends & Family to Share it

Email them and say, “I am creating this new thing, and I like to reach more people who will find it useful. Will you help me reach 5 to 10 people who might be helpful?” Email and referral are the two best ways to sign up. An email from 5 to 10 people with a trusted resource will generate more signups than a random Facebook post, which misses most of your network.

5. Place your chosen Keywords

Keywords are one of the most effective ways to acquire organic views and acquire new youtube subscribers. You do not need to be an SEO-Whiz to find keywords with a high search volume. One of the most fundamental ways to do keyword research is to enter a channel’s topic into YouTube’s search bar and see which video is displayed. These suggestions are generally what the audience is looking for most, so it is an important keyword you should use. You can also use keyword planner, vidIQ,, and other keyword research tools as a more detailed way to find related keywords. Once you have the main keyword, you can use it for the title, video tag, description. Please do not pack them with many keywords. It really hurts your channel. However, except for simply inserting keywords into your title, you should use all of your creativity to make it sound unique and interesting. When viewers watch your video titles they need to be intrigued enough to actually click on it and watch the video.

6. Add Stunning Thumbnails

If you do not add specific thumbnails to your videos, YouTube automatically selects frames to use from your videos. Without customized images, video thumbnails are boring and informative, and may not give viewers a reason to click on it. Funny thumbnails are one of the most important elements to improve clickthrough rate (CTR). Your thumbnail should include frames from your video that you feel most relevant, and should also give the viewer some information about what they can expect from it. There are a number of online free image editing tools like Pixlr that you can easily use to make your own thumbnails.

7. Make it easy to Subscribe

Even though viewers like your content and want to see it more, they do not subscribe to your channel. That’s why you need to be able to display the subscribe buttons as much as possible so that viewers can easily find it. One of the best ways to do this is to add an annotation in the middle of the video that contains the subscription links embedded within it so that the youtube subscribers can still subscribe while watching. You should also add a subscription button at the end of the video in your profile description and video description.

8. Add Links of your Social Media

If you already have a blog or are active on other social media platforms, please use these to acquire new youtube subscribers. YouTube has a link button to a channel that you can place on your blog. By adding this button to your official website, visitors can subscribe to your channel and subscribe to more content. Your followers can subscribe as you can also include links to your channels in your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Bio. Asking people to subscribe and post updates to these platforms about your new channel is the easiest way to earn youtube subscribers. As a more personal way, you can also send messages and emails directly to your contacts, tell the contents of the video, or ask for subscriptions.

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  1. hey, Great Piece of Information. These are really cool tips to get subscribers faster. I have applied all of them and the results were awesome. Before that, I was purchasing subscribers from because of my busy schedule and this step really helped me in growing my Channel.

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