Best Foods to Gain Muscle Growth & Muscle Strength

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If you are interested in muscle growth then you cannot overcome the fact that you need to exercise. Sure, Exercise helps to build muscle but you cannot get out of poor diet. One common belief in building muscle definitions is that you need to eat a lot of protein and carbohydrates.

But the concept of nutrition is not that simple. For example, even if food is deprived, your body has a mechanism to make muscle. Furthermore, amino acids and proteins are not just constituents of tissues and muscles.

Some amino acids also signal the gene to make proteins during food deficiency as long as you circulate them in your bloodstream.

Carbohydrates replenish muscles, but high carbohydrate diets promote insulin and leptin resistance, which is a disaster as it promotes chronic disease. Likewise, eating more protein than your body uses may promote elevated blood glucose levels and kidney stress, and may even stimulate the growth of cancer cells.

On average, When people turns 40s their peak muscle mass occurs. As people get older, the muscle mass begins to decline gradually, ultimately bringing negative change in muscular strength and obstacle in independence. However, decreasing muscle mass leads to an overall decline in metabolic function, which may also affect the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, there are other effects.

You may lose an average of about 7 pounds of muscle in 10 years without intervention. According to research data, muscle weakness of 1.5 to 5% may occur annually after age 50. Exercise in a state with balanced nutrition is a powerful intervention to deal with muscle loss at any point in life.

Balancing your meal for Greater Achievements

Scientists are trying to answer the question of what is the ideal and most practical meal for athletes to improve performance. In a recent review of Sports Nutrition, the author provides an overview and comment on how the athlete should eat:

The diversity of sports nutrition habits among successful athletes is not only the persistent belief for a single outstanding “Athletic Diet” but also the specificity of metabolic demands of various sports and the cycle of training and athletic goals.

In other words, researchers found that the type of diet the elite athlete most often uses depends on the sports they performed, their specific goals, and their training routines . However, the number of people trained for the Olympic Games is a small percentage of those who seek the best nutritional base for optimal health and muscle growth.

In an interview, Louise Burke, a sports nutritionist and professor at the Catholic University of Australia, recommends the use of 30 to 60 grams of carbohydrates per hour during endurance events that last for several hours. While one athlete found it difficult to consume during the event. She also advises you to practice during training. When asked if the athlete escaped from the high fat diet, she replied:

“I will not say that at all, some athletes love them, and it is known that high-fat diets stimulate a variety of molecular changes in muscle”

Vitamin consumption

It is easy to overlook the vitamins necessary to improve muscle growth if you are commissioning vitamins just to help you stay alive or to avoid a common cold.

Vitamin A – One of the most powerful vitamins necessary to utilize proteins to repair and construct muscles is vitamin A. It is also necessary for the use and production of testosterone and human growth hormone.

In one human study, researchers found that administration of vitamin A and iron has equivalent results to testosterone intake. While protein is necessary, diets high in protein deplete vitamin A reserves in the liver and increase the reserves in non-liver tissue. Researchers are theorizing that vitamin A is necessary for the transport of protein molecules to muscle.

A high protein diet will exhaust vitamin A in the amount needed for the synthesis of new proteins. In animal experiments, researchers found that testosterone production decreased in rats lacking vitamin A until the organs were atrophied. This indicates that vitamins are essential for production.

Another study of 102 teenagers who participated in teens suggested that by increasing the intake of vitamin A and iron-rich foods, the possibility of avoiding growth delay problems could be avoided.

Liver has a high amount of vitamin A and a healthy addition to your nutrition plan. Although there are many people who think that it is unpleasant, please consider cooking the liver, cutting it into the shape of pill size, frozen in a tray, and storing in a freezer.

These homemade liver supplements can be swallowed frozen just like pills without taste. women without menstruation should obtain daily amounts of food rather than ingesting iron supplements.

Vitamin B6, B9, B12 – These vitamin B act directly on protein metabolism. B 6 is used to support the absorption of vitamin B12 and is essential to the production of red blood cells and support of your immune system together.

Vitamin B9, in combination with B6 and B12, lowers homocysteine concentration and improves nitric oxide production. As a result, the blood flow is improved and the supply of nutrients to the muscle is improved.

The deficiency of vitamin B complex affects muscle growth and development and may cause dementia, respiratory symptoms and psychiatric symptoms.

Vitamin C – According to the Environmental Working Group, a precursor to testosterone manufacturers, adults lack 43% of their dietary intake.

Vitamin C deficiency is not so low as to induce scurvy, but the vitamin C plays an important role in many aspects of physiology including steroid production.

There is also a direct relationship between low vitamin C and high level cortisol. And it will be released when you are under stress. Vitamin C acts to suppress cortisol and helps to reduce the effect of cortisol on the body.

Since cortisol also inhibits the action of testosterone, high levels of cortisol will ineffect the effect, even if the circulation level of testosterone is high, affecting muscle growth and development. Food rich in vitamin C, such as papaya, kiwi, strawberry, broccoli, brussels sprouts, etc. helps cure cancer and even support the heart.

Vitamin D – Vitamin D, perhaps one of the most important nutrients, is a fat-soluble steroid hormone that is produced on the skin when exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D is also required for the production of testosterone.

In one study I discovered that there is a close relationship between vitamin D deficiency and low levels of testosterone. This was reversed as participants spent more time under the sun. Another proven supplement has increased the level of middle – aged male testosterone.

Eat the best Foods to gain Muscle Growth & Muscle Growth hormone

Healthy nutrition, including fat and protein, is essential for making lean muscles. Fat is the necessary part of your diet, but not all the fats are made equal. It is important to find healthy saturated fats from genuine raw foods and to avoid polyunsaturated fats such as vegetable oils and margarines. Avocado, coconut oil, walnut contains a lot of healthy fat.

Similarly, proteins are structural components necessary for muscle repair, enzymes, signaling molecules and cell receptors. In order to prevent muscle loss due to aging and to prevent sarcopenia, it is especially important to ingest enough protein as older age.

If the goal is to increase muscle mass, you need to increase protein intake. However, what matters here is not to increase continuously. Ideally you should ingest 80 to 150 grams of protein, depending on lean mass, on the day you are receiving strength training. Whey concentrates such as proteins containing many branched chain amino acids help to promote muscle formation.

However, since continuous high protein may stimulate mTOR excessively, it is important to reduce protein intake on days without training.

Protein quality is as important as quantity. As a general rule, the only meat that I recommend eating is grass-grown, grass-finished, organically grown meat, eggs and dairy products. It is far superior to the meat cultivated in a factory that may be contaminated with herbicides, hormones, antibiotics and other chemicals.

Planning & Preparing meals in Advance

Especially if you incorporate foods you have not used before, it will take a bit of effort to change the nutrition plan. Do not face the problem of what you should make and consider preparing your meal ahead of the week or making a menu so that you do not want to order when you return home from work.

By planning you can also increase the time to incorporate the workout during the day. Cooking in batch is not as hard as you imagine. Please consider sharing the results of your efforts and cooking with friends. This will help to make the work lighter and a friend or two can turn the event into a party.

Do not forget to label everything you make. You may think that you remember what is in the freezer and the date it was made, but you will be amazed at how quickly you forgot. I will think about preparing vegetables for that week. After cleaning, slicing and dicing, put it in a glass container in the fridge, you can prepare the vegetables needed for a big toast salad, stew, casserole immediately.

Homemade salad dressing can be made up to one week in advance and stored in the refrigerator. Stocks of vegetables and beef can be made in advance and stored in the refrigerator for up to 4 days, or frozen first in the ice cube tray and then put in a bag for 3 months.

Maintaining your Muscle, Age, Performance and Independence

Maintaining your muscles according to your age is important to maintain your independence. The elderly with more exercise had lower levels of heart disease-related biomarkers including C-reactive protein, interleukin-6 and leptin.

Overall, participants in this study, who took on more activities, had lower levels of negative biomarkers, shorter sit-down times and were associated with more favorable cardiovascular profiles.

The best way to keep your independence as you grow older is to lay a strong foundation of muscle growth and definition before you need it. It may be easier to maintain muscle mass than to start from scratch. But it is never too late to increase the muscle strength and to increase the possibilities to stay independent as you grow older.

In a study by Mayo Clinic to determine the type of exercise that is more effective in protecting aging muscles. Researchers have developed a high intensity interval training (HIIT) for aerobics.

They found that those who gave interval training, especially among elderly cyclists, had higher numbers of their mitochondria and increased health. Data, such as memory power, response speed, logical problem solving, has been connecting strong muscles and has improved brain health for many years.

If you were eating the wrong food, struggling to achieve the goal to increase your muscle mass and definition, regardless of whether you want to improve sports performance, maintain self-reliance, or maintain health There may be. You will find that a combination of healthy nutrition and exercise will help you achieve your goals regardless of your age.

If you are not devoting yourself to changing customs, keeping your body at its best may be a difficult battle, even if you use a regular and balanced training routine. Especially if you do not know where to start from, it could be a real fight.

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