10 Affiliate Marketing Tips To Monetize My Site

Affiliate marketing is still one of the main ways to make passive income. It can also be a big income source for your blog. The key to maximizing affiliate marketing revenue is the creation of precious content and interaction with readers. However, affiliates are paid only when buyers are to purchase from your affiliate link. In this Article, I will explain tips for affiliate marketing for beginners who want to maximize affiliate revenue.

Affiliate marketing can not be executed as easily as it seems. Basically, someone else will advertise the item beyond the commission rate. So, the idea is to turn your readers into buyers in your blog. If you want to increase your affiliate income, you need to force the reader to take some action on your website. Subscribe to newsletter, purchase from an Affiliate link, or even join some Facebook group.

Do you want to start a blog and make money? This article will be very useful for new bloggers and also who are thinking about starting their affiliate marketing business.

Well, there are some basic tips for affiliate marketing you should follow. Affiliate marketing is also one of my income sources. An affiliate is very easy and you can be very successful if you start in the right way. Over the past few days, I learned smart affiliate marketing strategy from experts in this field. Please trust me, it helped me very much!

It’s time to learn how to be a successful affiliate marketer.

Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. That will help me to earn a small fee without additional cost if you buy through that affiliate link.

Here are some of the best affiliate marketing tips for beginners to help you produce better results. Follow these affiliate marketing techniques and decide what changes you should make to your website.

As told, it can be a big income source only when properly done. There must be an appropriate affiliate marketing strategy at hand. However, using these hints will yield important results.


Even now and then, people emphasize choosing a niche. The main idea is to be specific to what you advertise in your blog. The reason is that when you start blogging, you increase audience. Choosing a niche helps you cover the topic in detail with various content for your audience. One major topic can be divided into other subcategories. People will also identify you and your blog as the main content source. As such, whenever you recommend something in your blog, the reader will respond. They will likely read more from you about the items you advertise.

  • Products you can use
  • How can using a certain product benefit you
  • Pros and Cons of that certain product
  • How affordable is it?

It starts with covering all niches and building audiences.

If you are simply advertising everything that comes to your way, you make it complicated for yourself and the reader.

First, choose the category that resonates best with your niche.

This are the sites that are totally linked with affiliate marketing.

Amazon.in/Gourmet is a site that sell gourmet products. This category includes all kinds of food items, including chocolates, snacks, etc. It has almost everything. Take a look at the gourmet section.

Amazon.in/Electronics is a site that sells electronics. This category contents all kinds of electronics.

Similarly, there are affiliate marketing sites like babies, Clothes, Computers, Mobiles, etc.

Choosing a correct niche and correct products will make you profit in affiliate marketing.


Publishers that most monetize their content earn millions. But it did not happen overnight and the publisher did not start by trying to write about all the products under the sun. The best way to get started instead is to write about the specific product you know.

Think about the content of your editorials, topics, and trends you already have, and how you can find products related to them. If you trust the products you wrote and they are related to the editing content you have already created, it will make monetization much easier.

Once you establish the central product you want to write, create the content and then start earning money, you can start thinking about the expansion plan for what you want to write.


Today’s blogger’s common mistake is that they really do not know their audience. So, the most important tip for doing affiliate marketing is to advertise only products that your audience is interested in purchasing. Please dig in deeply to find out the needs and desires of your audience.

If you write about animals please do not put affiliate links for Harry Potter magic wand. Because you are writing on an animal Niche. People came to your blog because they want to know more about animals and animal products. They are not interested in Harry Potter or his wand.

So, its all about understanding your audience.

Just imagine! What kind of products might solve your readers hunger.


The name of today’s online game gives added value to people’s lives. If you add value, they will come back again. In other words, when thinking about affiliate marketing and ways to monetize its content, it means to verify that all the content you create is of high quality and you can add value to the reader’s life.

Let’s begin by figuring out what makes your content different. You need to know what your unique selling point for the reader is and why they come to your content more than anyone else. See engagement statistics, understand what you are reading more about others, and start repeating that format.

Then you can turn it into commerce content. First, of All, it needs to be High-quality content, and in order to make it commercial content, you have to design the content to help people start a purchase Journey .

Therefore, whenever you mention products or brands, please add outbound links to places where people can find them. Language is important. The difference between the phrases “click here” and “purchase here” is 60% for the latter. You can also compare prices when adding similar items in different price ranges to meet the needs of readers of all budgets.


When you start with content, it is really important to think about SEO and how you can rank your commerce content successfully with search engine results. 40% of the revenue of Skimlink‘s large publisher comes from articles more than 60 days ago. When starting very specific content creation, you can use very specific keywords. This is what the search engine looks for when deciding how to rank content in search results. With these special keyword themed postings, organic traffic starts to increase as the people are indexed, people should discover them.

You can get free Google traffic and affiliate sales with simple keyword research. Once you find an affiliate product to advertise on your blog, run keywords research. Imagine if one of your keywords started ranking on Google, you could get traffic directly from Google without any marketing strategy.

I definitely recommend using a paid tool for keyword research. I will recommend you to use KWFinder. KWFinder is one of the best free keyword research Tool, I have used till now.


If you do not actually follow the blog’s SEO hints, it is not enough to investigate keywords. Learn how to use keywords to optimize content. Make content SEO-friendly. We will focus on creating content that Google loves displaying on the front page.

If you are a complete beginner, please add YOAST Plugin. It is the best plugin to make your content SEO friendly. However, other SEO practices include obtaining backlinks from reputed sites, creating unique and fresh content, using short sentences, and proper use of keywords.

Read Me – GOOGLE SEO – A Complete Guide for ranking your blog or website


When applying for an affiliate network, please consider the following.

  • Product quality
  • Commission rate
  • Affiliate management support
  • Advertisement materials such as banner, advertisement, image
  • Payment method

In addition, you can ask other affiliate marketers at any time for review. Ask the working experience on a specific network.


Don’t get stuck in a single affiliate program. Of Course, Amazon is the best place for Affiliate marketing but you can also apply for EBAY, ETSY, FLIPKART, etc. If an affiliate program does not work for you, then try New one. Maybe, your audience will find their favorite products there. It is not so obvious to read the audience’s mind and to find products that they generally purchase. Therefore, by trying various programs, you can increase affiliate income. Or find related programs that have better payment, creative promotion ideas, discounts, coupons etc.


In addition to implementing SEO, it is essential to follow content marketing techniques. You need to bring your content in front of the right audience. If your audience is most proactive on social media, please use Facebook ads to promote traffic to your website. Consistent posting to Facebook can also bring you a lead.

Pinterest is another great platform for advertising your business and products. This is a platform used by more than 200 users. It is also a platform to generate traffic.

Many blogs and businesses use content marketing to send traffic to websites and eventually increase affiliate sales. Basically, you provide useful, funny and educational content for your audience with the aim of getting clickable actions from them.


Affiliate marketing takes a lot of time for sales to happen. This is the most important thing in Affiliate marketing. Sales don’t happen overnight. Sometimes it takes 3 to 4 months to Sale only one product with the specific link you provided. Don’t be impatient, as you can easily get demotivated. Some bloggers make $30, some make $3000, and some does not even earn a single Cent in a month. KEEP PATIENCE! Patience gives an amazing results.

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