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One Punch Man Finally has a release date. READ MORE!

Did you watch one punch man? Are you waiting and wishing only if there was a second season of one-punch man. If there is a season 2 when will it release? Well, you are not the only one. After the release of One-Punch Man season, one in 2015 the anime has collected a huge bunch of fans worldwide. Only after the release of season one’s episode 1 everyone fell in love with its perfect mix of Comedy and Action sequences. 

For those, who are unfamiliar with the show, the anime shows the life of a man named Saitama. Saitama is skinny and has no hair on his head. In short, he’s bald.LOL! Genos, a robotic character in one-punch man asked him about his superpower strength where Saitama replied how he trained himself for years. He trained so hard in the past years that when he saw himself in the mirror he found his hair to be falling from his head to a point where he is left with no one hair at all. He has trained himself and grown strong to the point where he can effortlessly defeat any opponent with a single punch. 

Mesmerized by the power of SAITAMA, genos requested him to become his sensei and tells him not to go easy on him while training. Frustrating the strongest opponent who challenged him and by killing them our Saitama sensei won the hearts of many. The original show started from October 5, 2015 and ended with 12 episodes and 6 OVA. After the huge success of the first season, people waited for season two.

If you have been waiting for new information on One Punch Man, get ready. Because our SAITAMA sensei is back. So, mark your calendars! It’s been three years of waiting, but we finally have a confirmed release date for the second season of One-Punch Man. It was announced that season 2 will be released in 2016 which later postponed till 2017. Yet again the released date was postponed till 2018 and now the final release date has been announced that it will be released in 2019. HOPE! They don’t postpone it again this time and break the heart of millions of people all around the world who wants their super Hero back in the action. One-Punch Man is returning in spring 2019. VIZ Media announced on Twitter that Season 2 of the popular anime will premiere in April 2019. A teaser trailer for the new season was also released. 

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