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SuperDragAnime provides you with new information every day where we update you about the anime world. You might have seen many animes. You might have fantasized someday to be like your favorite character and only if you could be and act like them. If only you could enter the virtual anime world and be with them together doing romance or in fighting sequences. You might watch your favorite anime and started having a crush with some anime characters, especially girls. LOL!

           So, Today here I bring you some most handsome anime characters from your anime world. 

  1. YATO – Noragami

Do you agree with me? I believe Yato from Noragami is the most handsome among anime characters. The stray god has some funny way of talking and taking the situation who work for only 5 Yen and sleeps on the streets along with his human soul that can be turned into a weapon when needed. 

To those who have not watched this anime yet, I strongly suggest you watch this anime. You will laugh hard throughout the show and also enjoy the fighting sequences and the story. I rate this anime 10 out of 10. 

2. Taichi Mashima – Chihayafuru

Who has a crush on Taichi just like me? 😊 Who can’t have a crush on Taichi I can’t even think of anyone that cannot like him or fall for him. Taichi Mashima from chihayafuru, the soft looking boy with soft eyes and soft expressions. Only if I was with him in the virtual world, only if I could enter the anime world and tell him how much I love him. OMG! Dream come true. Well, whoever have not watched this anime, do watch and comment below. I would love to know your views, especially regarding Taichi. The anime has two seasons for now and the new season is on the way. I will soon announce the release date. For now, I rate this anime 9 out of 10. 

3. L – Death note

I know some of you might be like ”WHAT? HIM? ” But Yes, Of course. L is handsome, I find. If you look closely he is kind of cute and naughty. For those who have not watched death note yet. Oh boy! Wait! I guess there is no one in out anime community who have not watched death note yet I guess. Death note has a huge bunch of fan following all over the world. The original show has one season with 37 episodes following with two anime films – Death Note: Relight – Visions of a God and Death Note: Relight 2 – L’s Successors and the others are live action films. 

4. Hak – Akatsuki no yona 

I must say Mizuho Kusanagi has given a lot of thought to it while writing and making the characters. Son Hak/Son Haku from Akatsuki no Yona is in the 4th number in my list. The tall dark and handsome guy and the protector of our princess Yona. Leave a comment below what you think. 

5. Makoto Tachibana – Free!

Red shirt with glasses. Makoto Tachibana is one of the main characters of the anime series Free! Makoto is a tall, muscular young man with short, olive brown hair and droopy green eyes. His usual school uniform consists of light brown trousers, a white shirt with a green necktie, a dark gray unbuttoned blazer, and orange sneakers. Well, He is looking quite handsome in Red Shirt. Rate this anime yourself. 

6. Ikuya – Free! 

Ikuya is one of the main characters in the movie High Speed!-Free! Starting Days- and Free!’s third season, Free!-Dive to the Future. 
He is the younger brother of the Iwatobi Junior High swimming club’s captain, Natsuya Kirishima. Ikuya is a feminine looking young man with teal hair, orange eyes, and black eyelashes. He and his brother do not look particularly alike but have the same eye color.

7. Tōshirō Hitsugaya – Bleach 

Captain Hitsugaya is one of the most handsome anime character I have seen in the anime series bleach. With the dark black wing, he looks quite attractive though he is short and has a childlike structure. Tōshirō is short, with turquoise eyes and short, spiked, white hair, which tends to draw attention in the Human World. He wears a standard sleeveless captain’s haori with a green sash around his shoulders, held together by a round, star-like clip. Before Tōshirō was a captain, his hair was not as spiky, with only a few spikes here and there. He also wore the standard Shinigami outfit, but with the addition of the 10th Division’s insignia on the left breast of his outfit.

8. Byakuya kuchiki – Bleach

Who hasn’t thought once for byakuya to be their partner? The most handsome anime character in bleach and brother of rukia has some pretty attractive looks. Byakuya is a master of swordsmanship, possessing flawless precision and performing lethal attacks with little effort. Byakuya has considerable knowledge of high-level Kido spells, casting several in quick succession, with no incantation and almost no effort, and still possessing formidable power. He has used spells up to level 81 and possesses advanced knowledge of Kidō application and consistency. He can use a low-level spell repeatedly in rapid succession and with devastating effects, as well as a counter to attacks. 

9. Rin – Blue Exorcist 

Rin Okumura is the son of Satan and the elder, fraternal twin brother of Yukio Okumura who is a student at True Cross Academy. His desires to earn a Knight master and defeat his biological father. He has messy, jet-black hair (dark blue in the anime) that sweeps down on his pale skin and intense blue eyes.

10. Kuroko – Kuroko’s Basketball

Kuroko, The middle guy with blue hair and short structure. With wristband on his right hand and holding red and blue basketball is the most cutest and handsome anime character in the anime series kuroko’s basketball. I rate his appearance 9 out of 10. 

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