Face fat is a common problem for women nowadays. While everyone is uniquely beautiful some women are unhappy with their looks and wants to reduce face fat. It so pleasing to see chubby faced people smiling. Our world has changed so much and now we want to be someone instead of being ourselves. In some cases its different though and its needed. In this competitive society, today we are judged by our looks not by our talents and hearts. HERE ARE SOME TIPS TO REDUCE FACE FAT.

Let us first know what is face fat. Face fats are the fats that is present on the cheek area.

Fats can be all over our body but today lets talk about how to reduce face fat.

Face fat are of many types –

  • Chubby or round fats
  • Division fats
  • Sunken fats

Chubby face fat makes a persons face looks round and plumpy and bouncy in babies. Chubby face fats are very common and can be seen mainly on teenagers and people up to age 24 or 25. As we grow up our fats around our cheeks starts to dissolve mainly because of aging.

Division face fat is a kind of fat the divides the cheek into two parts. It looks like the cheeks are divided. When a person smiles their cheekbones are highlighted mostly due to the division.

Sunken face fats are very common in old age or in people who are aging. Almost 50% of the world’s population with sunken face fat is mainly people who are either aging or do not taking proper care of their face and skin.


Reducing face fat is a task but its not like building a rocket or going to the moon. Taking proper steps will reduce face fat within 1 week.

  1. Take a look into your diet. Fatty foods has a lot of cholesterol that is responsible for face fat and belly fat.
  2. Stop eating or drinking dairy products. Dairy products like milk is good for health but if you want to reduce face fat quickly then I suggest you not to eat or drink any dairy products. Because even if its 0.001% but it has a chance of increasing face fat by consuming dairy products.
  3. Drinking a lot of water. Face fat are collected due to lack of water in the body. Water collects out all the excess fats in our body. So, if you don’t drink enough water your body will not be able to detoxify and the excess fat will be transferred to all parts of the body, specially cheeks.
  4. Cheeks are the part of the body where fats are collected faster than the other parts of your body. Taking a proper look at your diet will tell you what is important for you to do.
  5. Cheek exercise


  1. Fish pout
  2. Chewing gum
  3. Jaw opener
  4. Puffy cheeks

These four exercise can reduce fat from your cheeks in no time.

There are many alternatives for this. Like nowadays you can buy products that can reduce your fat from Cheeks. I personally love chubby cheeks and I have one.



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  1. That is very helpful. I don’t understand why people want to get rid of facial fat, though, since a rounder face actually looks younger. In fact, facial grafting involves adding some fat on the face in order to treat the wrinkles and give people younger-looking skin.

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