How to Fix Fracture or Broken Bone :


A fracture is a broken bone. It requires medical attention. If the broken bone is the result of major trauma or injury. Call the emergency number 9 or the emergency number provided to your country.

Lets talk about Broken bone today and how to fix broken bone.

Broken bones can be due to serious accident or due to bad medical conditions. It is not important that a broken bone occurs only due to an accident.


Many of you might not have heard about bone loss. A bone loss is a condition when a body keeps losing bones and does not make new bones quickly. The major causes of bone loss Is due to smoking, low-calcium diet, age-related hormone changes, and certain diseases and medication.

So, in this Article, we will learn about how to first aid fracture or broken bone.

But let us first take an overview of the types of broken bone and the causes of broken bone.


To fix the broken bone. Let us first know what type is the bone or how the bone has been broken. For Example; if a person stepped on a banana peel and broke his bone or has fractured his bone, then his treatment for the broken bone will not be or might not be as severe as of a person who fell from a Building, unless the person is aging or is old.

There are 15 different types of bone fractures :

They are –

Lets us get a brief description about all the fractures –

Avulsion fracture is a type of broken bone or bone fracture where a muscle or ligament pulls on the bone leaving it fractured.

An Avulsion fracture is not always serious but taking proper care is better.

A person with severe broken bone medical condition needs to wear a cast for 7 to 8 weeks for the bones to completely heal. Depending upon the fracture the broken bone needs 3 to 12 weeks to heal.

Comminuted Fracture is a type of fracture that is split into many fragments or more than two fragments.

These type of broken bones occurs due to some huge trauma. For example, due to Vehicular accident and this type of broken bones needs very special treatment else it can result to, some other medical conditions.

Comminuted Fracture cannot be healed without surgery. Depending on how severe the bones Has been fractured, the doctor can give suggestions.

In many cases, people with Comminuted Fracture need surgery to help restructure the bone pieces so that they heal properly.

The comminuted fractured bone takes more time to heal than an Avulsion fracture as the bone here is split into two fragments or more. The length of time it takes for your fracture to heal depends on the severity of the break and the area of the body affected.

The recovery time for comminuted fracture might take several months to heal due to its condition.

Compression fracture usually occurs in the spongy bone in the spine. A compression fracture is a collapse of a vertebra. It may be due to trauma or due to a weakening of the vertebra.

A compression fracture is typically caused due to loss of bone mass that occurs as part of Ageing or due having Low-calcium diet.

Falling, coughing or lifting any heavy object may cause a fracture of the backbones. That is called compression fracture.

The healing time for a compression fracture is upto 3 months.

Fracture dislocation is fracture as given to the name. When a broken bone is dislocation from its original place. This type of fracture is called Fracture dislocation.

It is a severe injury in which both fracture and dislocation take place simultaneously which is severe and painful even though sometimes it doesn’t need any surgery.

Greenstick Fracture is Fracture, that occurs on young children or during pregnancy. When a mother’s womb is hurt or the baby in the womb is hurt and in case the bone of the baby is hurt. It will be called a Green stick fracture.

The name Greenstick fracture goes according to the name. ‘GREEN’ means fresh. Greenstick fractures usually occur most often during infancy and childhood when bones are soft.

Most of the people might not even know that they have greenstick fracture due to bones being settled on its new place.

The symptoms of Greenstick fracture can vary from person to person. In some Cases mild fractures might be mistaken for sprains or bruises. The severe greenstick fracture may cause redness and Swelling to the area.

This type of bone fractures needs to be treated quickly and it can be quite painful for the children. Most greenstick fractures are treated with a cast.

A simple buckle fracture needs a plaster cast for 2 to 3 weeks and can be almost completely healed in 4 weeks.

Hairline Fracture is sometimes very hard to detect with Xrays. Hairline fracture is the tiny fractures that are caused due to force, stress or some small accidents or fall.

Forces that can cause a stress fracture could include repeatedly jumping up and down or running long distances.

These kinds of fracture are hard to detect and it worsens over time. Swelling, pain, redness symptoms can be seen over time. The treatment and healing of this kind of fracture, takes time as it is very hard to detect.

Impacted fracture is a type of fracture when one fragment of bone goes into another. An impacted fracture is similar to Compression fracture, yet it occurs within the same bone.

Intraarticular fracture is a fracture where the bones cross into the Surface hurting the cartilage. Compared to extraarticular fractures, intraarticular fractures have a higher risk of developing long-term complications.

In Longitudinal fractures the break is along the length of the bone.

Oblique fracture is a fracture when the bones are broken diagonally. The treatment for Oblique fracture will depend upon the severity of the crack or break. You may need to take anti-inflammatory medications and pain relievers to handle pain.

The recovery time for oblique fracture might take 4 to 6 months.

Pathological Fracture is a fracture that is caused due to Disease that causes weakening of the bone structure.

The pathological fracture can be treated non-surgically with chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and bisphosphonates.

Spiral Fracture is a fracture that occurs when the bone is twisted. A spiral fracture is usually treated right away with surgery. After the surgery, a cast may be worn.

Spiral fractures are caused by Sport injuries like skiing or colliding with another player in Football match. These fractures are typically caused by a twisting force and result in an oblique or spiral fracture.

Stress Fracture is very common among athletes. A bone breaks because of repeated stresses and strains. The healing time can vary from person to person.

Torus (buckle) fracture are common in children. It is painful but stable.

Transverse Fracture is the kind of fracture where the break is right across a bone. Transverse Fracture is caused due to excessive force applied to your bone causes it to break or shatter. This type of fracture takes 6 weeks to heal.


  • Look at the injury of the person. If it is severe take the steps accordingly.
  • DO NOT move the person unless it is necessary to avoid further injury to the bones.
  • Apply cold water or ice packs to reduce and relieve from pain.
  • DO NOT Apply ice directly to the effected area as it may cause other problems.
  • Wrap the ice in a towel or in a piece of cloth and put it into the swelling area.
  • Use to ice wrapped towel slowly.
  • Use the triangular bandage to support the fractured arm or bone until the ambulance arrives.

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