Hair fall is one of the most common problem worldwide both for men and women effecting almost one-third of the population. Every one loses 60 to 70 hairs everyday. It is normal to some point. But in some cases it can be due to poor diet or genetics issues. 

  1. Firstly, Know what kind is your hair fall. I have been through this situation so I can guide you pretty well in this case. I had knee length hair until a few years back but at some point I got so frustrated that I cut it short till the length of my neck. Knowing what kind is your hair fall will help. Falling 60 to 70 follicles a day is normal but if you are facing more; then you should go and consult a doctor before its too late.

2. Now, when you know what type is your hair fall; take care of your hair according to that. If your doctor says, it is normal in your case and there is no disease-related issue or genetics issue then follow the below routine and see how fast your hair stops falling. 


 Healthy Diet; Yes, It is boring to read the same thing everywhere about the diet thing but let’s be straight in this case. If you have a poor diet your hair will not stay on your head for too long and you will be frustrated for the rest of your life blaming someone or something which in reality is your own fault for not maintaining a proper diet. Eat food that has high in proteins, vitamins and minerals. Proteins – Eggs, meat, vegetables.

For vegetarians – Tomato, lettuce, cucumber, spinach are very high in proteins in terms of vegan food. You can fry, boil or eat it raw. Sulphur in egg yolk stimulates the scalp and increases hair growth. Do not eat more than 3 eggs a day or you will lose hair instead. Yes! Eating too much eggs can cause hair fall. If you eat 10 eggs a day for 30 days to stop hair fall in rush; your hair will not grow. It will start falling more. Take limited proteins. 


Wash your hair 4 times a week or more according to the condition of your hair. Check if you have dandruff or any lice on your head. Dandruff is a common problem that causes flaky skin on your scalp which is also responsible for hair loss. Dandruff dries the skin making it rough and creates a surface of white layer making it unreachable for oils to touch your hair follicles which is necessary for hair growth

5. Oiling you hair. You need to oil your hair 4 times a week from root to tip. Your tip of your hair needs more oiling then the top of your hair. Lower length of our hair is thinner then our top hair and we usually forget to oil till the tip. So, I strongly suggest you to not forget to oil the lower part of your hair. Oil 4 times a week. Wash your hair ; after drying completely; after 3 hours Oil your hair. Do not blow dry your hair. You can wash your hair today; let it dry in normal temperature for 2 hours or let it dry in the sun and then sleep with half dried hair on silk or fur cloth.

Sleeping with half dried hair on silk/fur cloth will nourish your hair from root to till and after waking up, you will find your hair to be more Silky and more nourished than ever before. TRY! THIS WORKS.  Oil your hair after drying completely from root to tip. Let the hair absorb the oil for today and let it set for one or two days. After 2 days, Oil your hair again and wash it after 2 hours and then repeat the same techniques written above. 


6. If you have Bald spot on your head then try using this Products – Take Vitamin E capsules according to the power your doctor suggests you. Every individual needs a sufficient amount of mg. Do not take more than that. You can use vitamin E tablets like Evion 200, Evion 400 by consuming orally or by cutting the capsules into half and applying the liquid on the bald spot. Vitamin E capsules and vitamin E oils are the fastest way to regrow hair. Using castor oil and sesame oil can grow your hair and also it increases the volume of your hair. You can find everything on –

One suggestion before using Vitamin-E capsule’s liquid or castor oil. Vitamin-E capsule’s liquid and castor oil are very thick. I will suggest you mix it with coconut oil or sesame oil to reduce the thickness or the castor oil might break your hair due to not applying it properly. If you want to apply only castor oil or Evion’s liquid then apply it only to the roots and not to the whole hair. Apply my routine for Next 2 months and see the results. I did it. You can do it too. Only if you follow the steps as it is.

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