GATEBOX – Your favourite Anime character in real world


Azuma Hikari is the virtual assistant character of Gatebox Virtual Home Robot system. Gatebox is a new holographic assistant that is similar to Amazon Echo’s Alexa. It is built by a Japanese company Vinclu Inc. The device is a transparent, voice-activated cylinder that displays a tiny holographic character named AZUMA HIKARI. 

Azuma was created for people who live alone to live a lively life. The character has a blue hair, mini skirt, kneehigh socks and ribbon on her hair.

WORK OF AZUMA – How Azuma works?

Azuma wakes her master up in the morning, tells him about the weather if it is going to rain she notifies him to take an umbrella and even gives him emotional support. This virtual character is also capable of doing many other things. It can text you on your phone like any other person and you can reply her back and she returns back you with replies. During the day, in office hours when her master is in office she texts like “Come home early” or “I can’t wait to see you.” When her master is about to reach home she already made sure to turn ON the light before him entering the house and when he reaches home she jumps up and down on her tiny little glass frame house and says “Missed you, darling.”


She has her own character profile. She is 20 years old and dislikes insects and her dream is “to become a heroine to help people who are working hard.” Azuma as human detecting sensors and a camera that recognizes the faces and movements of its master. Azuma understands words spoken to her and replies in a casual manner as if its real conversation. When you are alone and need some time to talk just switch on the button and have some fun with your virtual character in the Real world. The Gatebox also has Bluetooth and infrared data communication technology. It comes with a microphone and Camera and even has a built-in humidity sensor. It can connect to other electronics, the internet, and smartphones. Azuma doesn’t come cheap on its website. Gatebox is accepting pre-orders for its initial production of 300 units at 298,000 yen per device, or just over$2,580 USD. Gatebox is now available on Amazon.

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