1. Free! 

The story revolves around the story of Haruka Nanase, who is a boy who always likes swimming in the water. Prior to graduating from primary school, he participated in a swimming tournament with members of his fellow swimming club, Moto Tachibana, Nagisa Hazuki and Rin Matsuoka. After winning the victory, each of the boys went their separate ways.

Time elapsed, and Rin appears in between his uneven high school and challenges Haruka to a match. From which Haruka sees his heavy power. It does not want to end this way, Haruka, Moto and Nagisa once again collected and bring a new member named Rei Ryugazaki to create the Iwatobi High School swimming club to defeat Rin.

2.  Air Gear (Dub)

Minami Itsuki never thought of riding seriously, as long as they handed their butt to Storm Riders by a street gang, they rode the Air Treck motorized roller blade. On that day, he discovered a box of stickers related to a lock up room, a pair of AT’s and Sleeping Forest Street gang. One thing goes towards the other, and one sneezes the wheels and starts riding. As his reputation is made in the world of AT Street Fighting / Racing, he starts developing his own gang and participates in maximum fighting in greater area.

3.  Aokana: Four Rhythm Across the Blue (Dub)

With the invention of anti-gravity shoes, the people living in the south of Japan’s four-island archipelago have become an everyday experience of the ability to fly independently. This invention has brought people a new way of life. As well as a new game known as “Flying Circus”, where the participants touch the floating boys or the back of their opponent and earn points.

The newly transferred, naive and clumsy Asuka Kurashina in the Kunahama High School, unknowingly enters this world of flying when she first participates in a flying circus match. After all, it inspires him to join his school’s Flying Circus Club. Under the leadership of his coach Masaya Hinata, his members include veteran Misaki Tobisawa and his overprovided friend Mashiro Arisaka. Ao no kanata no four rhythm follows this mischievous group that rises above the skies and moves towards their dreams, armed with their unwavering passion only against the uncertain future.

4. Beyblade Burst  series 

Valt Aoi is a hot-blooded kid who likes to attack and produces a Beyblade named Valkyrie. His close friend Shuu Kuirei is an elite blader, who is a genius, but still makes a lot of effort and produces the name Spriggan.

5. Cheer Danshi!! (Dub)

Disappointed with judo, college student Haruki Bando was invited by her childhood friend Kazuma Hashimoto to create cheerleading team “breakers” for Unprecedented boys. All who came to join were very specific in nature.

6. Chihayafuru (Sub)

A strong intent and flirtatious girl Chihaya Ayase falls under the shadow of her elder sister. With no dreams of her own, she is satisfied with her share of life, until she meets the Arata Wataya. The quiet transfer student in his elementary class introduces him to the competitive Japanese anthropology inspired by the courteous poets, competing with the rivalry for the physical and mentally challenged card games. Inspired by Arata’s passion for the game and the possibility of being the best in Japan, Chihaya soon starts loving the world of Karuta. With the prodigy Arata and her disgusting but hardworking friend Taichi Mashima, she joins the local Shiranami Society. All of them spend their childhood days playing together as long as the circumstances do not divide them.

7.  Chihayafuru 2 (Sub)

Chihaya Ayase has the ambition of developing the competitive rivalry club of her school. Winning the national team championship in Omi Jingu and becoming the best female cricketer and Queen of Queen in Japan. During the second year of high school, Chihaya and his teammates should recruit new members, train their minds and body equally, and compete with aggressive opponents. In the meantime, Chihaya’s childhood friend, Arata, was a prodigy who introduced her to Karuta, and she searched her lost love for the old card game again.

8.  Diamond no Ace

The story is as follows, Eijun Sawamura, a pitcher, which is included in an elite school with a magnificent catcher named Kazuya Miyuki. Together with the rest of the team, they strive for Japan’s stored Koushien championship through hard work and determination.

9. Dive!!

The series revolves around the Mizuki Diving Club (MDC), which is on the verge of closure after financial troubles. The club’s new coach persuades the club’s parent company to be open on one condition: that club sends its member to the next year’s Olympics as part of the Japan Olympic team.

10. Haikyuu!! (Sub)

An opportunity event triggered the love of Shouyou Hinata for volleyball. There was no member in his club, but in any way perseverance and finally it was included in his first and final regular match in the middle school. Karasuno High School Volleyball Club to come face-to-face with only their disgusting opponent, Kageyama! A story of hot-blooded youth and volleyball from the pen of the Haruichi Furudate !!

11. Hinomaru Sumo (Sub)

It is a divine ritual, a martial art, a combat sport—it’s sumo!!

A “small” new student, Ushio Hinomaru, appears before the weak little sumo club of Oodachi High School! The words “big” and “heavy” are the rules to this sport, which does not fit this newbie any inch, but this guy goes and does what…?! Ushio and the small sumo club climbs its way to the top!

The goal is Hinoshita Kaisan! (a title for the highest rank in professional sumo, Equivalent of Yokozuna)

A fired up high school sumo tale—no retakes allowed!! 

*Hinoshita Kaisan – A title for the highest rank in professional sumo, an equivalent of Yokozuna. 

12. Keijo!!!!!!!! (Dub)

After graduating from high school, 17-year-old Nozomi Kaminashi enters the world of Keijo. As a talented gymnast, Nozomi quickly proves herself a tough contest after stealing Spotlight in its first tournament. Meeting new friends and rivals, she climbs to the rank. Nozomi knows that as a player, the path of stardom is full of intense competition which will not only challenge her body but also her soul.

13.  Kuroko no Basket

Kuroko Basketball The Teiko Middle School Basketball Team. The class that once produced three perfect seasons with five generation players at one go, called “The Generation Generation”. There was another player who respected everyone a great 6th player. An up-and-power power player, Taiga Kagami, is just back from the US. When he comes to Seirin High School, he meets the super-boy, Tetsuya Kuroko. He is surprised to know that Kuroko is not good in basketball, in fact, he is bad!

Kuroko makes an agreement with Kagami to defeat other members of the Miracle Generation who have played basketball in all other schools. The battle of light (Kagami) and shadow (curve) begins!

14. Megalo Box (Sub)

“To remain quiet and as you have been told, it is a fun choice.” These words are the words of an underground fighter, Junk Dog, of the Megalo box, a development of boxing that uses mechanical organs known as gears to increase speed and power. For your users Despite the young man’s superb ability as a boxer, the illegal nature of his involvement forces him to survive to throw the matches set by his master, Gansaku Nanbu. However, it all changes when the Megalo box champion Yuri enters his shabby ring under the guise of just another challenger. Taken out in a single round, the junk dog is left with a challenge: “If you are serious about fighting me again, then fight your way up to me and my ring.”

15. Slam Dunk (Dub)

Hanamichi Sakuragi, who entered Shohoku High School, has a record being rejected by 50 girls during middle school. Due to the height of about 2 meters and bright red hair most students call him as a singular.

One day, a girl named Haruko Akagi reaches near Hanamichi without any fear. When she asks Hanamichi “Do you like basketball?” Hanamichi fell for the girl of his dream. Without a loss, Hanamichi tells her that he loves basketball, and both are going to the gym, where Hanamichi knows about the slam sting. He also knows about Rukawa, which is one of the country’s top basketball prospects, which is also a new man in Shōhoku.

16. The Badminton play of Ayano Hanesaki! (Sub)

The first year student Ayano Hanesaki, at Kanagawa Prefecture Kitakomachi High School has the capacity of badminton which is able to easily pass others but avoids playing the game. She meets the third year student Nagisa Aragaki, who aims to become the best player in Japan day and night. Coaches supported by the club colleagues were encouraged by Tachibana Kentarou, and fired by various rivals, both engaged in their youth and thrilled the game so much that like a shuttle blown up at a fast pace!

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