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DO YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND AND GIRLFRIEND who loves you like crazy? Then you guys are extremely lucky couple to have each other. Here’s Top10 Best Romance Anime from my choice for you guys.

  1.  Akatsuki no yona 

YONA is the only princess and heir of the Kouka kingdom. Her mother was murdered when she was young, leaving her in the care of her father and loving father, Emperor Il. During his life in sixteen years, Yona grew up without the care in the world. Never know the struggle or truth for the death of your mother. Since she was a princess, she was forbidden to go out for her safety. Due to being inside, she used to be oblivious to the affairs of the country. Even to the events happening in the palace. She has been in love with Soo-Won.

2.  5 Centimeters per Second (Sub)

In three related segments, we have been told that through our lives, we follow a youth named Takashi as cruel winters, cold technology. Finally, adult obligations and responsibilities to test the delicate petals of love convergence. Taki and Akari are two classmates in primary school. Together they have become close friends during their time. Their relationship is tested when Akari goes to another city due to his parents job. Both struggle to maintain their friendship, time and distance gradually separate them. When Gokhani realizes that she is going away, she once decided to meet Akri for the last time.

3.   Ao Haru Ride

In Futaba Yoshioka, there are several reasons to “reset” the image and life as a high school student. For Tanaka-kun, it was misunderstood by a junior high school student’s female friend, so for the misunderstanding, it was impossible to notice him, the only boy whom yoshioka liked so far. He tells her that she felt the same way she did when they were younger, but now it is a thing of the past.

4. Beatless

With great advances in technology, human beings have created an HIE, a robot like a human being working as a social public servant or a personal servant. Unlike many others, Arato Endou, a gentle high school student treats HIE as equivalent, but due to his economic situation, he will not be able to do what he has possessed so far.

However, as normal operations to a local grocery store turns bad, his normal life becomes shattered. Arato, which was violently attacked by malicious HIE, is about to die. Fortunately, he is saved by an unusual HIE carrying a weaponed coffin. Her name is Lacia, one of the five highly advanced HIEs who has recently escaped the clutch of the mysterious MemeFrame Corporation.

5.  Boarding School Juliet 

The story takes place at the Grigio Academy Boarding School, where students come from two competing countries known as “black dogs” and “white cats”. Persia and Inuzaka are the leaders of their prospect dorms, but they are secretly in love with each other. Now, while trying to avoid the trouble, they have to keep their relationship secret from other dorms.

6. Boys Over Flowers (Dub)

A girl from a poor family, Makino Kushi wants to quietly spend two years at Eternal school. But as she confronts F4, the four most popular, powerful and wealthy boy at school, she gets a red card. But when she begins to collapse due to Hanazawa Rui, one of F4, she does not hit himself, she starts to notice that there is more than it is visible.

7.  Clannad (Sub)

You have not watched anything if you haven’t watched Clanned. It is a beautiful happy ending romance anime.

7.  CLANNAD After Story (Sub)

Clannad: A sequel to the acclaimed slice of series called After Story Clannad starts after Okazaki Tomoya and Furukawa Nagisa graduate from high school. Together, they experience a growing emotional roller coaster. Tomoya, who was unable to decide his future course, learned the value of strong work ethic and discovered the strength of Nagisa’s support.

Through the couple’s dedication and purpose unity, they will confront their personal problems, deepen their old relationships and promote the creation of new bonds. Time goes on in the fantasy world. As the plains become cold with the winter approaches, Illusionary Girl and Garbage Doll present a difficult situation to reveal the real purpose of the world. Clannad: After Story based on Visual Novel by Key and produced by Kyoto Animation is a drama that has an impact that emphasizes the importance of family and the struggle of adulthood.

8. Darling in the FranXX (Sub)

The story is set to a distant future. The Land is ruined and humanity establishes mobile fortification city plantation. The pilot produced in the plantation lives in Misty Luten, also known as “Bird Cage”. Children live there without knowing the outside world or the freedom of the sky. Their life consists of a fight to fulfill the mission.

Their enemies are mysterious huge living beings known as Kyouryuu, and the children called Franxx to stand up to them. For children, riding Franxx prove their existence. The boy called Hiro was called Code: 016, once known as a genius. However, he is getting behind, he seems to be unnecessary. Do not fly Franxx is the same as disappearing. One day, a mysterious girl is known as “Zero Two” appears in front of him. Two horns extend from her head.

9. Gamers! (Sub)

This is a story that develops around a specific student and one hobby. Keita Amano is our lone solitary hero who is passionate about the game, Uehara Tasuku, and friends who are secretly a fellow gamer and believe that his life is perfect. There is Mr. Chiaki Hoshinomori who is constantly fighting Keita with club president Karen Tendou of the video game club. This is a story filled with a continuous series of comedy scenes and misunderstandings. Our chaotic romantic comedy starts now!

10. Grancrest Senki

In the continent dominated by confusion, the Lord has the power of a holy seal that can calm Chaos, and protect people. But before someone understands it, the rulers abandon their creeds to purify the chaos and begin fighting each other seeking each other’s holy signs in order to gain control of each other. A Silka, a solitary magician who scolds the Lord for abandoning faith, and a wandering knight who is traveling to train on a day to release his hometown, Theo chaos.

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